2008-2012 MR Car Design BMW M3 E90 Clubsport

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The German tuner MR Car Design has taken this M3 E90 and bumped up power to 450 horses and 438 lb-ft of torque. The output boost comes by way of software optimization and an Evo exhuast system.

Other changes include suspension upgrades with KW variant 2 coilovers with camber regulation and an H&R stablizer kit. The front brakes are yellow Stoptech with 6 piston calipers on 380x35 mm discs, while the rear brake pads are from EBC.

---- Specifications ----
Price -- Production --
Engine 4 liter V8 Weight --
Aspiration natural Torque --
HP 450 hp HP/Weight --
HP/Liter 112.5 hp per liter 1/4 mile --
0-62 mph -- Top Speed --

(from MR Car Design Press Release) BMW M3 E90 CLUBSPORT transformation made by MR CAR DESIGN

Ambitious car freaks very often look for innovative car tuning facilities. Since more than ten years, Marcel REIL and his MR Car Design Company at Erftstadt, North Rhine-Westphalia, with its crew of genuine professionals are offering the latter – with all going with – to their more than satisfied customers. Furthermore, the REIL Performance Line is specialized in practicable power uprating; REIL Classic is responsible for the all-around service for rarities of the automobile history.

This time “client” is a fourth generation BMW M3 (E90), which was subject to a Clubsport transformation by the Erftstadt tuning experts. The engine software was submitted by MR Car Design to an optimization up to 450 HP with 430 Nm, lancing Vmax now clearly above 300 kmph (180 mph). The installed Evo exhaust system – Evo being one of the Akrapovic exhaust systems “flagships” – has significant part of the fulminant Performance of this M3. The black rims are coated with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires in 245/35-19 on front and 265/35-19 on the rear axle. Additionally, there were installed spacer plates of 10 mm on the front and 15 mm on rear axle.

The Clubsport variant 2 coilovers with camber regulation comes from KW. The combination with the H&R stabilizer kit warrants for extraordinary driving dynamics. Moreover, after the “surgical intervention”, there was made a wheel load depending axle alignment. The visible through the rims yellow painted Stoptech braking system, competent partner of which is the Erftstadt Company, has six pistons for each wheel, crimping on the 380x35 mm brake discs, the rear brake pads of which come from EBC and are activated via Fischer steel flex tubes with SuperPro jacks.

The interior also was subject to transformations. Therefore, besides the Wiechers rollover bar with cross, black Schroth safety belts type Profi III-FE asm have been mounted. The rear strut brace is part of the interior.

The remarkable windshield wedge, as well as the M-typical coloring at the forefront are obvious and suspicious being unique. For detailed information about this M3 E90 Clubsport transformation please contact directly

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