2013 Epic EV Torq

---- Specifications ----
Price $65,000 & $75,000 Production --
Engine electric Weight 2200 lbs
Aspiration -- Torque 612 lb-ft
HP -- HP/Weight --
HP/Liter -- 1/4 mile --
0-60 mph 4 & 5 seconds Top Speed --

(from Epic Electric Vehicles Press Release) Ditch what you know about electric cars. Introducing the Torq Roadster. Uncompromising performance, perfectly balanced handing and aggressive styling leave the competition in the rear view mirror.

Why 3 Wheels?

The tadpole or reverse trike has two wheels up front and one in the back. This platform offers a very stable setup. The Torq Roadster's 3 wheel platform is blend of a high performance vehicle meets motorcycle. Our teams of engineers have designed the Torq with a front wheel drive configuration which is complemented with a race inspired inboard suspension design. Because it has three wheels, it's built much lower to the ground than a typical motorcycle and that lower center of gravity gives it incredible handling characteristics.

Another benefit to 3 wheels - the aerodynamics, since the vehicle is shaped almost like a teardrop -- wide and round up front and tapering off in the rear. The design allows air to flow easily over the vehicle's bodywork.

The tadpole design is becoming more and more favored among auto engineers due to the stability, aerodynamics and ability to accommodate a fuel-efficient engine. As vehicles get more eco-friendly, be prepared to see more and more three wheel vehicles hit the roads in our future. Until then-be one of few on the road to embrace the future in the Torq Roadster.

Why Electric?

An electric vehicle is powered by batteries this eliminates the internal combustion fuel engine. What's this mean? No hydrocarbons are expelled into the environment. Cleaner air for future generations. With the electric drive train the overwhelming noises are eliminated leaving you with a quite ride that turns heads as you pass other motorists.

No waiting or paying at the gas pump. Go for a spin, have some fun then simply plug the Torq into a 110/220 outlet to recharge your ride!

About Epic Electric Vehicles

We believe that the technology exists today to have an electric vehicle grace every garage in America. Reliability, performance​ and fun wrapped into one sporty package.

This is what drives Epic Electric Vehicles to push the limits with our current and future projects. Drop some cash and pick up your keys to your new green and mean driving machine.