2013 Garia Monaco 2+2

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HP/Liter -- 1/4 mile --
0-62 mph -- Top Speed --

(from Garia Press Release) Garia 2+2


A multi-functional 4-person version of the Garia

It is a whole new world with the Garia 2+2, our latest model fitted with an extra rear seat for two more passengers*.

It is ideal for daily errands and quick commutes for you, your family and friends. A multi-functional vehicle that looks great and is easy and fun to ride.

The rear seat has been elegantly integrated into the current design and unique features include:

  • Spacious carpeted 15 U.S. gals. / 58 liter storage room under the seat
  • Seat belts compliant with U.S. and EU regulations**
  • Gas damper to keep seat bench in upright position when accessing the storage space under the seat
  • Non-slip floor foot rest
  • Additional storage space between the seats suitable for umbrellas, jackets or other items

You have the car of your dreams and you have built your house exactly as you wanted it. Now, it is time to build your own luxury golf car. Unlimited combinations of beautifully crafted accessories allow you to express yourself and stand out from the rest.

*Max load capacity for rear seat : 330 lbs / 150 kg. Rear seat measurements: L: 16 in. / 40 cm; W: 34 in. / 87 cm; H: (to ceiling): 37 in. / 95 cm.
**Rear seat belts on the Garia Golf Car 2+2 do not comply with abovementioned or any other regulations, but are fitted for improved safety on rear seats only.