2013 Schwabenfolia Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Stealth Fighter

---- Specifications ----
Price -- Production --
Engine 2 liter inline-4 Weight --
Aspiration turbocharged Torque 384 lb-ft
HP 390 hp HP/Weight --
HP/Liter 195 hp per liter 1/4 mile --
0-62 mph -- Top Speed --

(from SchwabenFolia Press Release) STEEL-GREY-STEALTH-FIGHTER from SCHWABENFOLIA

The Mitsubishi Lancer saw the light of day in the lower middle class in 1973. Almost precisely 5.000 units were produced in 1992 for the car or motorsport designed Mitsubishi Lancer Evo(lution) I, also the first stage of development with 250 HP. Due to an extremely large number of rally successes in the meantime nine (!) further development stages have joined them. Thus, the Evo X, which will be discussed here, goes in the race, with 295 series-HP from displacement of two litres.

Before the presentation of the new „walking-out uniform“ of EVO X only a brief instruction to an increase in performance to wide-awake 390 HP (or 287 kW) and 520 Nm of maximum torque, undoubtedly „contributed“ through Turbo - back installed 3” exhaust system from Invidia, named Q300. The incredible power will be forwarded on the asphalt by means of Yamato-rims in 18 inch by Enkei, on which Michelin Pilot Sport Cup Semi-Slicks are installed.

The Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X was plain white before wellness stay in Korntal-Münchingen at SchwabenFolia. In painstaking work theme foliation was administered to Stealth Fighter, which included nothing more than stealth technique. Nevertheless the primary purpose of the excise – namely the camouflage against „enemy radar“– is not achieved, also was not intentional at all.
The front grid frames, the air intake of the bonnet and the sides of the impressive rear spoiler shine in Toxic Orange Metallic for an improved outfit of the new, a bit dreary looking actual state. Whereas, the middle part spanning the trunk lid and provided roof with indicated emergency hatch in matt red are kept in Black Brushed Steel. In the middle of the vertical part of the tailgate a raised Hello-Kitty-AK47 can be recognized on closer inspection. Notes above and behind the headlamps, the labelling of the doors must be observed, as well as the advice on the fuel cap and on the back „corners“ of the vehicle. Do not forget the warning next to exhaust. Absolutely eye-catcher is undoubtedly approximately 300 adhered „screw heads“.

Pictures: SchwabenFolia

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