2015 A-Zperformance Saab 9-3 Sportsedan Bodykit

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The Saab brand has been at the center of a whirlwind of competing interests in recent years, and unfortunately none of them have given the company an adequate toehold to continue production as of this writing. While the future of the brand is in doubt, there are still a large number of Saab owners around the world. This bodykit is built for the 2003-2007 9-3 Sportsedan.

The new front bumper showcases larger intakes cooling the engine and brakes, and has been aerodynamically designed to separate airflow on the sides. A significant front splitter also improves airflow and downforce.

Sideskirts give depth to the car's design, and the rear bumper incorporates a small diffusor as well as aiding aerodynamic.

The design was created by Richard Revesz and Zsolt Tarnok of TMCars, the studio that also created the popular TM concept30.

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0-62 mph -- Top Speed --

(from A-Zperformance Press Release) A-Zperformance SAAB 9-3 Sportsedan bodykit

A-Zperformance introduces the first complete bodykit for the SAAB 9-3 Sportsedan (2003-2007). The kit includes the front bumper, sideskirts and rear bumper.

With many years of experience in the tuning field, specialized of the SAAB brand, A-Zperformance found that there is a high demand for body tuning elements for the brand, however these are pretty much unavailable.

This led to the decision to create a bodykit for the 9-3 Sportsedan, which is now available worldwide from the original retailers.

The design was created by the TMCARS (www.tmcars.hu) design studio, by Mr. Richard Revesz and Zsolt Tarnok, leader of the studio. The aims of the design process were to retain the original sporty and elegant look so typical for the Scandinavian brand, and to incorporate the aerodynamic solutions used nowadays, thus imporving the efficiency of the body.

After long months of development, including the full body 3D scanning, CFD testing, scale modelling, the final design did fulfill all the requirements.

It has a design that bonds perfectly with the rest of the car's design, while it has a slightly more sporty appeal compared to the factory. The CFD has been studied in detail, and the body was designed accordingly: the front bumper incorporates larger intakes for the tuned up engine cooling system's needs and for more efficient brake cooling. On the side the edges function as airflow separating objects, besides being a strong design element. The front bumper is available with fog lights, incorporated in the design. Another strong feature is the add-on "race" splitter, which can be attached to further improve the airflow and the sporty look of the vehicle.

The sideskirts have been re-designed to match with the more sporty overall look, and to add some more movement to the side of the original body.

The rear bumper also features sharp edges to have clear separated airflow at certain areas, and it also houses a small hidden diffuser in the center.

All these details add up to a bodykit that is improving the looks and the aerodynamics of the donor vehicle, creating a good quality tuning product in line with the quality of the other products offered by the company and the original brand.

The bodykit is now in production, available worldwide. It can be manufactrued with many material options, and further selections to be made.

More information can be found on the retailers website: www.a-zperformance.com