2016 DF Automotive Chevrolet Camaro

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This Camaro showcases several accessories installed by DF Automotive. The most visible change is Schmidt-Felgen 21" wheels, with 9Jx12 up front and a wider 10.5x21 in the rear. They are riding on Continental SportContactTM 6 tires, 255/35-21 in front and 295/30-21 in the rear.

The car also sees a new Supersprint exhaust system that weighs less and has a fuller sound. Lastly, KW variant 3 coilovers with adjustable pressure and tension stages improve roadholding and handling.

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During the last ten years, the DF Automotive Company at Flensburg, Germany, was more and more optimized by self-critics and became very successful on-line expert for sportive car accessories. Thanks to the competencies of the team around the two executive directors Daniel JONAS and Felix LEMKE, the complicate and time consuming catalog research has become snows of yesteryear. After entering the car characteristics, the tuning freaks get an individual offer for parts matching even to their own vehicle. The genuine “Northern lights” are focused upon top actual rims and complete wheels of renowned manufacturers, but also upon stainless steel made sportive exhaust systems and individually customized high-end chassis technologies. The quality of the offered items has first priority and is essential condition for the perfect materialization of satisfied client's wishes, which in turn is absolutely the best publicity for future.

In the present case, client is nobody else than the martial artist “Flying Uwe” alias Uwe SCHUDER. In the result of permanent fitness training, he made a considerable Youtube career as master of kung fu. The 26 years old Uwe has made his driving license only after wrapping up the filming of “Transformers”, and then he fulfilled his automobile wish dream: a Camaro, the worldwide admired Chevrolet muscle car. DF Automotive tuned this four-wheeled legend for Uwe corresponding to his wishes.

Let us begin with the impressing made by SCHMIDT-Felgen 21” wheels named Gambit in 9Jx21H2 with Continental SportContactTM 6 tires in 255/35-21 on the front and in 10.5Jx21H2 with tires 295/30-21 on the rear axle. Not to forget the complete made by Supersprint and by the DF Automotive crew sports after cat installed exhaust system, which has optimized the car's performance not only by less of weight, but who warrants also for better sound. Last not least, the KW variant 3 coilovers with adjustable pressure and tension stages lend the car very special driving dynamics. Now, nothing else matters than – enter and step on the gas!

DF Automotive has always the finger on the pulse of the time, always anxious to permanently improve the offer. For more information concerning this kind of car modification and the various other tuning features for vehicles of different origin and manufacturers please contact directly

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