2016 Godsil Manhattan V16 Engine Preview

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The V16 engine has made an appearance only 4 times in a production car. From 1930-1937, Cadillac produced two different V16s for their top of the line Series 452 and Series 90 cars. At about the same time, from 1931 to the end of the company in 1933, the high-end American manufacturer Marmon produced a V16 model. Interestingly, the Cadillac V16 was developed by a former Marmon engineer, James Bohannon. Marmon had been working on the engine since 1927, but Cadillac beat them to market. Yet another American luxury car manufacturer, Peerless, built a single V16 car in 1931, the last car they ever made.

For many decades thereafter, there was no automotive V16s, until in 1991, when the Italian supercar manufacturer Cizeta built 20 cars with V16 engines. Production mostly ceased by 1995. A mention should also be given to the Bugatti Veyron, but their 16-cylinder engine is in a W configuration rather than a V.

Now, the American manufacturer Godsil will be producing a new V16 that runs on clean burning natural gas. Engine development is being done by Stephen Chue, the former president and technical director of Katech, the company behind the engine for the 2003 Cadillac Sixteen concept.

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(from Godsil Motorcars Press Release) GODSIL MANHATTAN V16


Utilizing Art Deco design with American heritage and a V16 engine, the Godsil Motorcars’ line of vehicles are destined to go straight to the front of the line in the superluxury car market. First up to the task will be the Manhattan V16 coupe.

The Godsil Manhattan was designed from the beginning to take on car companies like Rolls Royce. It is a large two door coupe with a full four place interior. The quality and materials used will be on par with what the buyer expects but the engine will definitely be unlike anything on the road today. The V16 hasn’t been a production engine since the 1930-40 Cadillac V16. It is unique in its own right but Godsil Motorcars went one step further by developing their V16 to run on natural gas. Natural gas is cleaner burning than gasoline with similar power and fuel economy. America has the 4th largest natural gas reserves in the world and is the current champion when it comes to producing it for the consumer.

Cars of this level have not been produced in the USA since Duesenberg foundered and Cadillac stopped trying to compete with Bentley and Rolls Royce in the 1950’s. Godsil Motorcars aims to be the only choice when it comes to an American made superluxury car.

The prototype V16 development is already underway. For the first time we are showing the public the prototype V16 heads and valve covers as we are continuing work on the rest of the engine. The production engine development is going to be done by Stephen Chue who was the president and technical director of Katech for many years. Katech developed the V16 prototype engine for the 2003 Cadillac Sixteen concept car. Stephen was also heavily involved in the performance and durability development of the Chevy IRL, Corvette C5R and C6R engines, as well as the Cadillac LMP and GT racing engines. He also worked on developing production engines for GM, which included the Gen II ECOTEC, Cadillac LSA, and Corvette LS7 and LS9 engines.

We have set up a dream team with the same type of people and companies that would be found in any car manufacturer throughout the world. Great designers and companies like Panoz Auto Development and Aria Group are ready to get started on this amazing venture. We currently have the trademark for the MANHATTAN name for automotive production, the Manhattan design, a clay model and the V16 prototype engine that is being developed now. We are currently reaching out to investment partners to finish the prototype.

This car company is being created not only because of our automotive passion but to change the world. We want to inspire American citizens to start demanding the use of American natural gas, inspire American ingenuity and entrepreneurship and hopefully to bring back American manufacturing. We are the Halo Car for America.

We want to be the solution to every facet of our client’s lives. If a trip to Aspen is on the schedule, we will have an SUV available to get them to the destination in style and comfort that they have come to expect. If they need the extra room for kids or entertaining a client of their own, our four door will be a great choice. If they simply want to let off some steam our V16 supercar will fill that desire on their local track. We want to show from the beginning that we can do anything and everything, only the market will be our limitation not our heritage.

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