2016 Prior Design Porsche Macan PD600M

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Prior Design has created this new wide-body kit for Porsche's compact Macan SUV.

The front bumper showcases a separate air splitter and expanded air intakes, and blends into the widened front wheel arch extensions. Large rear wheel arch extensions are tied in with the front by new side skirts. The rear features a new tailgate and a roof spoiler.

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(from Prior Design Press Release) PRIOR-DESIGN PD600M - Muscle building for the Porsche Macan

Macan is the Malay word for ‘Tiger’, and Porsche made sure its compact SUV lived up to its name as the gold standard for performance and driving dynamics in its market segment.

While the Macan is undoubtedly the class of the field from behind the wheel, some consider it rather too tame in its appearance. This however, is not a criticism that can be levelled at PRIOR-DESIGN’s new PD600M wide-body conversion, which gives the Macan tough street fighter looks and real gravitas.

This transformation was also a question of balance, and PRIOR DESIGN felt it was important to give the Macan a more extrovert, aggressive and muscular look, without losing its inherent elegance.

The PD600M wide-body conversion starts with a more aggressive looking front bumper featuring a separate air splitter and larger air intakes. This new front merges seamlessly into the bigger front wheel arch extensions, which are visually joined to the equally large rear arches by new side skirts. At the rear, the tailgate and roof spoilers are the finishing pieces.

The PD600M aerodynamic kit is made from a high quality Dura-Flex glass-fibre mixture, characterised by an excellent surface finish, along with good flexibility and stability.

The breathing of the two turbocharged V6 petrol engines benefit from the lower backpressure provided by the high quality stainless steel PRIOR-DESIGN exhaust system. This emerges with four big exhaust outlets bracketing the underbody diffuser, and features a valve control system for a fruitier soundtrack.

The big wheel arches of the PD600M wide body kit are filled to the brim by 10.5x22-inch Vossen VPS305 ultra-light forged alloy wheels shod with Continental SportContact 6 high performance tyres.

For Macans with the optional air suspension, ride height is reduced by up to 35 mm all round using H&R’s electronic lowering module. Thanks to its lower and wider stance the PRIOR-DESIGN Macan now crouches like a tiger about to pounce.

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