CarFilmComponents BMW 7er F01

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(from CarFilmComponents Press Release) CFC CarFilmComponents, BMW 7er F01

Brilliant idea!

Given the fact that the tuning scene has been dominated by chromium in the past few years, particularly in the area of rims, the mirror-look is now shifting also to the surfaces of bodyworks as the wrapping specialists of CFC CarFilmComponents from the Bavarian town of Weilheim underscore with the vehicles shown here.

Such is the glitter of the BMW 7 series of the current model range F01 in special “chromium silver“ wrap of the 900 series. The Bavarian luxury limousine has been given a complete wrap that has seen every angle of the exterior skin glued with chromium foil. The 7-series was also fitted with the CFC car glass foil in the “platinum style” of the X-tra series, which has a metal coating for a high level of heat-repellence.

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