CarFilmComponents Chrysler Viper Roadster

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(from CarFilmComponents Press Release) CFC CarFilmComponents, Chrysler Viper

Brilliant idea!

Given the fact that the tuning scene has been dominated by chromium in the past few years, particularly in the area of rims, the mirror-look is now shifting also to the surfaces of bodyworks as the wrapping specialists of CFC CarFilmComponents from the Bavarian town of Weilheim underscore with the vehicles shown here.

Moreover, the Chrysler Viper was also given a very special wrapping concept for a perfect show effect. The wrappers of CFC CarFilmComponents had to give it their very all to realize this and also fitted the brute V10 Roadster with a “chromium-silver” full wrap of the 900 series, which was additionally individualized with an interesting colour mix of black over yellow up until silver. As if that was not enough, a part of the long engine hood was fitted with the CFC design foil “carbon black” from the Exterior Style Premium Series for a contrasting effect. Finally, the glassing was endowed with an “anthracite style” car glass wrap of the X-tra series.

In addition to the trendy chromium wrapping, CFC subjected the Viper to some interesting tuning actions: it was fitted with a set of Schmidt CC-line light alloy rims of the 19-inch diameter including adapter plates of SCC in addition to a KW chassis frame. A specially manufactured exhaust system of the company FOX (which, in terms of sound, can definitely match the Clarion HiFi system installed by Renato Rivic of ensures a specie-appropriate handling of waste gas.

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