DP Motorsport Porsche 964 Classic S

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Price -- Production --
Engine 3.6 & 3.8 liter boxer-6 Weight --
Aspiration natural Torque --
HP to 330 hp HP/Weight --
HP/Liter -- 1/4 mile --
0-62 mph -- Top Speed --

(from Jordi Miranda Press Release) PORSCHE DP 964 CLASSIC S by DP MOTORSPORT

With its foundation by Ekkehard Zimmermann in Overath, Germany, in 1973, the history of the dp motorsport company got irrevocably wedded to the idea of modifying Porsche cars. The one to break ground was a Porsche 911, followed by a “K3”, “CK5”, 935-I and II, 928, 944, and other creations such as the legendary 944 Cargo (the most beautiful station wagon of all), the 962 racing for the street and the 996 dp5. Yet, even after the process of “optimization” all vehicles can still be clearly identified as Porsche cars.

Starting with a regular Porsche 964, equipped with an antilock braking system, a power brake unit, power assisted steering, precise gearshift, modern chassis, sliding sun roof and even A/C for hotter days, dp motorsport created the so called dp 964 Classic S with usual perfection. The already existing advantages in the car body are enhanced by a high class and aerodynamically elaborate fibre-glass-kit as well as all adapters and lighting which make the Porsche 964 appear to be made from one piece. The paint in classic lime green is elegantly contrasted by the bonnet in matt black and the white dots for the participant’s race number on the front and either side of the car. The matt black engine covering and sponsor stickers give it the final touch.

The featured power units vary from 290 HP (= 213 kW) generated from 3.6 liters of engine displacement to up to 330 HP (= 243 kW) out of a 3.8 liter engine displacement. Additionally, a 9-fold adjustable coilovers, made by Bilstein, is implemented, also available with unibal bearing if desired. Concerning the wheel-tire combination dp motorsport decided to make use of the modern, lightweight and forged Fuchs rims, size 7x17 ET55, while tires will be 205/50 ZR17 (front axle) or 255/50 ZR 17 (drive axle) respectively.

Once you sit down in the classic sports seats, fasten the 4-point safety belt and look through the Momo sport type steering wheel you cannot help but notice the revcounter that leaps into vision. Just like the safety bar, the revcounter is also highlighted in the same color as the car. Speaking of colors: apart from the classic paint in lime green dp motorsport also offers variations such as light yellow, blood orange or (sport)classic gray.

In addition to newly built and completely revised cars dp motorsport offers customized individual offers from Classic S, RS to Classic RSR for self-assembly.

For further information on this vehicle and other projects please contact:

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