2018 GeigerCars Jeep Wrangler Geiger-Willys

German manufacturer and tuner GeigerCars has transformed the 3rd generation Jeep Wrangler (2007-2018) into a tribute to the original Jeep from WWII. The Jeep was recoated in olive drab paint, along with reproductions of period lettering and US Army logo, and a green fabric top to add to the historical look. Rugged Ridge bumpers are added, with an integrated motorized winch in front, while a reinforced spare wheel carrier takes up the rear.

Production will be limited to 10 examples, and the cost will be 68,900 euros.

Image Credits GeigerCars





Price Production Weight
€68,900 10 --
Engine Aspiration Torque
3.6 liter V6 natural --
Power Power/Volume Power/Weight
284 HP 78.9 HP/Liter --
Top Speed 0-62 mph Range
-- -- --
Price Production Weight Engine Aspiration Torque
€68,900 10 -- 3.6 liter V6 natural --
Power Power/Volume Power/Weight Range 0-62 mph Top Speed
284 HP 78.9 HP/Liter -- -- -- --
Imperial Metric