2018 Italdesign Zerouno

Founded nearly 50 years ago by Giorgietto Giugiaro, Italdesign is one of the most successful of the Italian design firms that made such a significant mark in automotive history. Lamborghini purchased most of the company back in 2010, but that hasn't stopped them from creating extremely limited-productions vehicles like the Zerouno.

The shapely design of the mid-engine Zerouno maximizes airflow for downforce, heat extraction, and overall aerodynamic slipperiness. One of the most noticeable features is the very narrow nose air intake, which is supplemented by a number of larger air intakes across the front apron. Vents on top of the front fender cool the front brakes. All body panels are carbon fiber laid over a carbon fiber and aluminum chassis.

The car is based on the AWD Lamborghini Huracan, and features a 5.2 liter V10 and seven speed dual clutch transmission. Power output is 610 hp and 413 lb-ft of torque, which enables a 0-62 mph time of 3.3 seconds and a top speed of 205 mph.

The Zerouno is limited to 5 cars, and has already sold out. Price was about $1.7 million per car, though it could go higher depending on options. A roadster variant is in the works.







Price Production Weight
$1,700,000 5 --
Engine Aspiration Torque
5.2 liter V10 natural 413 ft-lb
Power Power/Volume Power/Weight
610 HP 117.3 HP/Liter --
Top Speed 0-62 mph Range
205 mph 3.3 sec --
Price Production Weight Engine Aspiration Torque
$1,700,000 5 -- 5.2 liter V10 natural 413 ft-lb
Power Power/Volume Power/Weight Range 0-62 mph Top Speed
610 HP 117.3 HP/Liter -- -- 3.3 sec 205 mph
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