2018 Mercedes-Maybach G650 Landaulet

The first Maybach variant of the classic G-Class is a limited production G 650 with a convertible softop roof extending over the rear seats and cargo area.

Of course, being a Maybach, it is also much more. The car has been extended an additional 22 inches, which allows for considerably more space for the rear passengers. The active multicontour rear seats from the lavish Maybach S-Class can be fully reclined, and offer both a calf rest and body massage. Between the rear seat is a large console with thermal cup holders for keeping hot beverages warm and cold beverages cool. For privacy, an electric glass partition can be raised to separate the driver's section from the rear passangers, and the partition can shift from transparent to opaque with the push of a button.

In keeping with many cars that bear the Maybach brand, the design is clearly focused on the passenger, in keeping with a vehicle that would have a chauffeur. At the same time, the driver is not completely left out in the metaphorical cold. A twin-turbocharged 6 liter V12 producing 621 hp and a mammoth 738 lb-ft of torque, and is also a very capable off-road vehicle. The G650 has 18 inches of clearance, as well as 100% differntial lock along with low off-road ratio of the transfer case.

Production is limited to 99 cars, in the area of $750,000.

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Price Production Weight
-- 99 --
Engine Aspiration Torque
6 liter V12 twin turbochargers 738 ft-lb
Power Power/Volume Power/Weight
621 HP 103.5 HP/Liter --
Top Speed 0-62 mph Range
-- -- --
Price Production Weight Engine Aspiration Torque
-- 99 -- 6 liter V12 twin turbochargers 738 ft-lb
Power Power/Volume Power/Weight Range 0-62 mph Top Speed
621 HP 103.5 HP/Liter -- -- -- --
Imperial Metric