2005 Chevy HHR Concept at SEMA


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(from General Motors Press Release)  Some vehicles defy definition. They’re neither sedan, nor wagon, nor SUV. That is the case with the HHR Concept – a vehicle capable of delivering passengers, cargo and plenty of fun in a wider-than-production model configuration.

Already a great-looking vehicle in its production form, HHR Concept takes styling to new heights. The four doors of the production HHR are replaced by two doors that have been stretched 6 inches for style and functionality. At the same time, the B-pillars have been leaned forward, resulting in a coupe-like profile. Up front, HHR Concept features a new hood, a new eggcrate grille with chrome surrounds and new front fascia with polished billet air ducts. Also, the windshield header has been dropped 4 inches for a chopped look.

HHR Concept is a wide body – 2 inches wider up front and a full 4 inches in back, with front and rear tracks widened accordingly. At the same time, the ride height has been lowered 3 inches in the front and 3.5 inches in the rear (show height; it has been lowered 1.75 inches and 2 inches front/rear for ride height). The result is a vehicle made for cruising that screams stability and performance.

And while sometimes looks can be deceiving, that is not the case with HHR Concept. Under the hood, HHR Concept’s muscle stems from its supercharged 2.0L engine, which delivers 270 horsepower (201 kw) at 5600 rpm. Other HHR Concept performance features include large-diameter brake rotors and calipers, a performance exhaust system, GM-designed 19-inch aluminum wheels up front and 20-inchers in back that are mounted with low-profile BF Goodrich performance tires.

Inside, HHR Concept is designed to deliver practicality and pleasure, whether it’s a short hop to the club across town or a cross-country trip. Surfboards and other large items fit easily within the vehicle, which features a light Zebra wood bed floor with brushed aluminum strips and no rear seats. Playtime is further enhanced by upgraded stereo equipment, including a Pioneer audio and navigation system with iPod adapter. The interior is trimmed in Apple Green leather and Casper White soft-touch with gray leather and titanium accents.

Vehicle Highlights
  • 2.0L Ecotec supercharged engine with GM Accessories Stage Two package, delivering 270 hp (201 kw) @ 5600 rpm

  • Performance exhaust system

  • Large-diameter brake rotors and calipers

  • 19 x 8.5-inch front and 20 x 9-inch aluminum wheels

  • Front and rear fender flares

  • Lengthened front doors

  • Smooth rear body

  • New front and rear fascias

  • New grille

  • Casper White three-stage glass-bead and pearl exterior paint

  • Lowered suspension

  • 50/50 split rear liftglass / tailgate

  • Flat load floor with light Zebra wood and brushed aluminum strips

  • New cluster face and lighting

  • Enhanced Pioneer stereo and navigation system with iPod adapter